Revising Instructions

The following set of instructions is confusing, vague, and out of order. Rewrite the  instructions to make them clear, easy to follow, and correct. Make sure that each step follows the guidelines outlined in this chapter.Reupholstering a Piece of Furniture(1)  Although it might be difficult to match the worn material with the new material, you might as well try.(2)  If you cannot, remove the old material.(3)  Take out the padding.(4)  Take out all of the tacks before removing the old covering. You might want to save the old covering.(5)  Measure the new material with the old, if you are able to.(6)  Check the frame, springs, webbing, and padding.(7)  Put the new material over the old.(8)  Check to see if it matches.(9)  You must have the same size as before.(10)  Look at the padding inside. If it is lumpy, smooth it out.(11)  You will need to tack all the sides down. Space your tracks a good distance apart.(12)  When you spot wrinkles, remove the tacks.(13)  Caution: in step 11, do not drive your tacks all the way through. Leave some room.(14)  Work from the center to the edge in step 11.(15)  Put the new material over the old furniture.P.S. Use strong cords whenever there are tacks. Put the cords under the nails so that  they hold.This is not simply a matter of re-sequencing the steps as they are written. Some steps need to be broken apart; at other points you may need to add steps and information. In addition to the textbook’s mandate to “Make sure that each step follows the guidelines outlined in this chapter, you should include an introduction, list of tools and materials, cautions/notes, and a conclusion.Please read page 480-484, 493-499.