writing assignment

Situation:You work as an assistant office manager for Diamond Clear, a family-run window installation company. A scheduling issue has arisen in the office.Facts:Note that not all of the facts below may be relevant for your task.Diamond Clear is a family business, run by siblings Scott and Lucia Diamond. The company was started over 30 years ago by Scott and Lucia’s father, who built his business slowly by honoring the customer and being true to his word.Scott is in charge of the company’s operational matters. Scott typically spends his days visiting the various installation sites, keeping track of deliveries, and making sure that jobs run smoothly and finish on time.Lucia runs the financial end of the company. She typically spends her days in the office taking care of such things as financing, bookkeeping, ordering, and scheduling.The siblings take turns making estimates for prospective clients. Lucia takes care of most of the large business clients. Scott usually deals with individual homeowner accounts.This week, Diamond Clear has two jobs scheduled. The first job is scheduled to start tomorrow, Tuesday, for a family on Herbert Street. It is likely to take 1 to 2 days to complete. The customer is having a wedding on the weekend, and so the job absolutely needs to be done before then.The second job is a corporate account that is scheduled to start today (Monday) and is likely to take 2 to 3 weeks.Lucia has just learned this morning that the window shipment she was expecting for the corporate job has been delayed. Lucia tried to tell Scott about the delay, but could not get through to him. Lucia then went off to a downtown business meeting and will probably be out of communication until late this afternoon.The delay means that Diamond Clear currently has only enough materials to begin one of the two jobs that are scheduled for the week.Diamond Clear’s window supplier is quite reliable, and Lucia is fairly confident that the new window shipment will arrive tomorrow. However, there have been a few occasions in the past when shipments were delayed by more than one day.Before she left for her meeting, Lucia told you that she thinks the Herbert Street job should be the priority in this situation. Lucia thinks Scott should change the order of the two jobs and start the Herbert Street job first rather than the corporate job.Task:Write an email message to Scott that informs him of the shipment delay. The message should explain that Lucia thinks that Scott should hold off on the corporate job and start the Herbert Street job instead. The message should also tell Scott to confirm that he understands the situation and get back to you right away if he has any concerns about Lucia’s plan.Submit a professional email response that depicts the task above with concise and clear communication. Use appropriate salutations, paragraphs, grammar and wording. The response should be between two and three paragraphs. Avoid fluff words however write a professional message. Use the attached rubric as a guide. The rubric is based on a 25 point assignment, this assignment is worth 50 points. Your score based on the rubric will be multiplied by 2.