Discussion forum – please respond by Sunday @ 10pm

This week we’ll be looking at solutions in the Industry sector. While there’s more work to do to develop solutions in this sector, Project Drawdown highlights the need to improve materials, use waste, address refrigerants, and improve efficiency to reduce industry’s impact on climate change. You can watch my short (7-min) video overview of the week here (optional).For this week’s assignment, please watch these videos, respond to the discussion questions, provide one peer response. (You may respond to the videos via Flipgrid or via this forum.)Composting student video (4 mins): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jAl-BRJrD0X5VuodLdZ_w5wMUuTx8GAj/view?usp=sharinga) If you’ve tried composting what has been your experience? If you haven’t, will you start composting? Why or why not?2.   Bioplastics student video (3 mins): https://youtu.be/TidrBW8sknka) In what other aspects of our lives or society can we implement bioplastics? (i.e. what other uses are there for bioplastics?)Supplemental Resources (if you want to go deeper into these topics)Plastic soup foundation website (bioplastics info)US EPA Composting at Home websiteWhat is the circular economy? | CNBC Explains (3 minute video)What is a Circular Economy? Ellen Macarthur Foundation websiteWill California’s desert be transformed into a Lithium Valley?His vision for community buy-in on composting: make it ‘cool’Project Drawdown Recycling, Bioplastics, and Composting solutions