it has to be a powerpoint

Presentation should be prepared using creativity to persuade your audience to buy or use your product or service.  The presentation requires an introduction and body of five (minimum) power point slides with narratives plus a description of an item (of your choice) that you would be giving to your audience for follow up such as a brochure.  Also include a conclusion to your presentation as to why your audience should buy or use your produce or service.  The purpose of this presentation is to persuade your audience to buy a product from you or use a service you’ll provide (of your choice).  It does not have to be real so use your imagination.  Your audience consists of the students in your class.  Please do not forget the handout (brochure or narrative of your presentation).  The handout is what your audience will refer to after the presentation.  They may forget what you said in the presentation but the handout brings their attention back to your product or service.