Price Inelasticity of Demand

Hey, when choosing the product good or service, can you choose something from todays era. Something that someone will continue to buy no matter what.Select a product, good, or service for which you believe there is, if not perfect, close to perfect price inelasticity of demand. Refer back to course materials for clarification of what price inelasticity means.Research the product, good, or service so that you have a general understanding of the market, customers, suppliers, and competition. Consult at least one reliable, credible source and be sure to include a citation so we can see where you got your information.Discuss the following questions(s) with regard to the product, good, or service. Remember, you are NOT to turn in a numbered list of responses. This is a written paper, so your responses should form a cohesive set of paragraphs, with appropriate transitions, and so on.Describe in 50 words or less the product, good, or service that you chose.Why did you choose this product, good, or service?Why do you believe the demand is inelastic with regard to price? What factors are at work here? (Hint: Think back to the external factors you read about in module 1.)What, if anything, could change and make the product, good, or service price elastic?