Question 1What is meant by the cyclical or iterative nature of the literature review? How does this concept affect your work on the literature review and its subsequent incorporation into your dissertation prospectus and proposal?Question 2State four terms related to your proposed dissertation topic that could be entered into a search engine to generate a list of potential scholarly sources. Using the terms you identified, search the GCU Library for 5 sources (including three dissertations) that could support your proposed dissertation topic. (Note: These sources can be included in your Topic 8 assignment.) You may need to experiment with search options and word combinations. Post the reference list generated by your search. What search strategy was most successful at yielding valid, academic sources?**TERMS – CORPORATE; MATURE; PROFESSIONAL; BUSINESS**SEARCH ENGINE USED – PROQUEST AND DISSERTATION AND THESES** GCU Library for 5 sources- (including three dissertations)SOURCE ONEBEST PRACTICES AND IDEAS OF MATURE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEVELSOURCE TWOKelly Services Partners with AARP to Provide Professional Career Options for Mature WorkersDISSERTATION 1Online Ethics Training, Gender, and Levels of Ethical Decision-Making by Workers in the WorkplaceDISSERTATION 2Contrasting the Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions of Generation X’ersDISSERTATION 3The Perception of the Role of Charismatic Leadership in a Research and Development Environment****PLEASE PROVIDE A CLEAR AND DETAILED ASSESSMENT FOR EACH QUESTION…..PLEASE PROVIDE SCHOLARLY WRITTEN WORK…250-500 WORDS PER EACH QUESTION….NO PLAGIARISM…PROVIDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES****