walt disney assingment

HMW #3 – Walt Disney Case Study1. Complete an analysis of the following Disney organizational marketing activities.a. What are Disney Studios’ tentpole or blockbuster strategies?b. How does the Disney strategy fit the organization and brand?c. How does the tentpole bets fit the overall production portfolio and channel approach?d. What role does smaller films play?e. What is the process by which new animated and live-action films produced?2. In your view, is Disney Studios pursuing the right number of tentpoles as well as the right mmix of new versus existing properties? Would you change anything to the current strategy? Why? Or why not?3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of betting on tentpole films?4. How would you characterize the film development and marketing process at Disney Studios?5. What are the different stages? And how can risk be minimized – and the odds of success be maximized – throughout the process?6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a structure with multiple “labels” or “sub-studios” as Disney has, as opposed to one central studio being responsible for the entire film output?7. Write a paper including an introduction, content, conclusion, and reference page. There’s no page limit and you must have at least 3 references.8. The paper must be APA formatted Word document and emailed to me all according to the syllabus.