Discussion Board: How Millenial are you?

Discussion Board: How Millenial are you?1919 unread replies.1919 replies.Would you say you’re a classic, stereotypical Millennial, or do you find these young upstarts and their fancy tech gadgets to be lacking in good ol’ fashioned common sense? Take the quiz below.ClickLink (Links to an external site.)to take Millenial Survey.(Links to an external site.)Discussion board instructionsReview the attached document(s) or video(s) and use the questions listed below as prompts for discussion with your classmates.  Guidelines are to complete each post before the due date with a minimum of 150 words. Include in your posts some concepts and vocabulary from the assigned video or document, textbook, and/or lecture slides to demonstrate your understanding of the lesson for the module.Answer the following questions:What percent Millenial are you?Do you believe any of these questions could be illegal for an employer to use for the basis of hiring decisions?…andChoose at least one question prompt below:What about the video/activity/reading was most surprising to you or intrigued you the most?How would you apply what you have learned?How does the video/activity/reading remind you of a personal event or story?How does the video/activity/reading relate to concepts you learned in class or from the text?Part A: Your first post is due Wednesday and should include answers to the questions and end with an original question of your own for your classmates to answer.Part B: Your additional posts, due no later than Sunday will include answering 2 of your classmates’ questions.