Apple Case Study Analysis

Write a one-page(or longer, if necessary) analysis of the key issues raised in this case based on the case material and any additional research you feel is appropriate. The first part of each response should be your unbiased view. Write a second part of each response based on  theperspective of the company CEO .Case analysis assignments are designed to demonstrate your analytical abilities and your critical thinking skills. They are NOT summaries of the case.For each assignment, you need to show:- The top issues which you think prompted the case to be written- Your consideration of each issue, including any action that must be taken to address the issue and the pros/cons of that actionTHEN- Assume the perspective of the company officer indicated by the die.- Describe your reaction to the case from that officer’s perspectiveYou receive no points for summarizing the case.You can receive a maximum of 5 points for issue identification.You can receive a maximum of 15 points for your analysis of those issues.You can receive a maximum of 5 points for the company officer perspective.