Marketing Discussion

Please read in entirety and read the attachments. I prefer the retailer be the grocery store Kroger.Read the following short articles on retail trends for 2019.  Choose a retailer that you frequent often.  From the 3 articles identify a trend that is positively impacting the retailer and a trend that is negatively impacting the retailer.  Explain the impact.  If the retailer is adapting to the trend, then explain the retailer’s adaptation. 150 words minimum. Cite the work5 Trends That Will Redefine Retail in 2019 by Jia Wertz, ForbesWomen, Nov. 28, 2018,accessed 1/3/20195 Retail Trends That Will Transform the Industry in 2019 by Clifford Chi, Hubspot, October 8, 2018,accessed 1/3/20195 Retail Trends to Watch For in 2019 by Boris Dzhingarov, Digital Doughnut, Sept. 17, 2018,accessed 1/3/2019