Learning Module #3: How to establish and manage credit and credit card debt

Memo#3: How establish and manage credit and credit card debtScenario: You are an established and experienced credit counselor. Two siblings, 6 years age difference come to you asking for help with different credit needs. The first sibling is 19 yrs old and has no credit history to speak of. He has a job and is a full time student at the local junior college. How does he establish credit? The second sibling is 25 yrs old, is a college graduate, and has a good paying job, but has now run up $5,000 in credit card debt. She needs to know what steps she can take to payoff her balances.You need to write a recommendation (memo) explaining how to resolve each scenario.Resources: Watch the two videos. Use any information from the textbook and or lectures. Make sure you promote good personal financial habits.Requirements:One memo ( not two )400+ wordsTypedMemo Formathttps://wallethub.com/edu/cs/how-to-build-credit/20579https://www.ted.com/talks/wendy_de_la_rosa_pay_off_your_credit_cards_faster_with_these_4_easy_changes