Passport Project

Passport Paper: Passport Report will be presented in written form.  The report is an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge students have gained throughout the semester as well as an opportunity to apply said knowledge to a concrete case. It is assumed that the report will be of tremendous help in shepherding a foreign family adjust to a new foreign cultural environment. The report needs to be completed by a student working on a comprehensive and in-depth report that will include and apply all the various criteria/dimensions and theoretical models discussed and analyzed in class, albeit in a practical fashion.As a general rule, each student will need to complete a 10-page report. The final grade will be adjusted accordingly.Report Premise: A Western family (husband and wife + 2 teenage children) plan on going abroad for the first time and live and work/study there for a minimum of 4 to 5 years. In order to better prepare them to the many cultural clashes and misunderstandings that they will inevitably experience, YOU have been tasked with preparing a comprehensive report that addresses some of the major issues that the family will certainly encounter in varying degrees. In the Intercultural Report make sure that you include the following points:1) The Culture Shock Phenomenon (Chp 4)2) The Cultural Universal Systems (Chp 2)3) Social Adjustment: Etiquette and protocol, social and interpersonal communication, body language/ non-verbal communication (Chp 6)I HAVE ATTACHED THE BOOK SO YOU CAN USE IT