Case Study

Read the case carefully once through and then the second time you read the case highlight what could potentially be a problem.  Initially you want to create a list of problems before you try to define the causes.  Once you narrow the causes (they will be related to the HR functions), you can then begin to develop alternative solutions.  You will then select the best solution and create a realistic implementation plan. You will be completing and submitting an outline and also an Executive Summary Report.These cases may involve more than one of the HR functions that you have studied in this course.  The functions would include recruiting, selection, training, appraising, compensating and any type of separation/discipline.Per the Case Study Instructions, you will be completing an Executive Summary Report documenting your findings.  This report will be in paragraph format with the categories as headers.  This report might go to upper management in the cases you selected and should include sufficient information as to provide a clear understanding to your reader as to the problems, causes, your solution(s) and implementation plan.I have included the case study article, the case study instructions as well as an example of the format included down below.