Rarely in class do we have such a significant worldwide event that has implications in many ways. In this week’s assignment, you will read an article. It is a long article and one I want you to read. I am making the assignment and forum similar. In doing this assignment, I want to be clear- there is NO need to include political opinions or beliefs. I am not making any political statement; I want you to consider the global implications and how CSR will be a part of the implications.The article is on the COVID-19- Vaccine.There are four key sections:Generating Demand For Vaccine Requires Targeted ServicesVaccine Demand Meets Supply: Allocating Vaccines In A PandemicVaccine Supply: Distributing Vaccine Where It Is NeededVaccine Supply: Verification Of ImmunizationAs you work on this assignment, address following:How will we generate demand in 3rd world countries or developing countries? In places where people do not know understand the purpose or typically receive vaccinations? What are the ethical implications in these countries? How can governments help or hurt?How will a vaccine ethically be distributed? There are suggestions it could take up to 2 years to vaccine everyone in India alone. How can global businesses engage and foster vaccine distribution?How should a vaccine be distributed globally? Which countries are in need? How can global corporations support the ethical distribution of the vaccine?Finally, how do we verify immunized? This is potentially a sensitive issue. In Africa, you must carry a “yellow card” to show malaria vaccination, and people will steal the card. Will those who are wealthy receive vaccinations before high demand areas? What are the implications for distribution?This is a 1-2 page written assignment