10 pages Single space business plan

We have a product manufacturing company. Our company has always been determined to improve product quality, but it is extremely lacking in brand promotion and marketing. The current company’s main business model is the business-to-business model used. Due to market changes in recent years, we will transform our business model into a business-to-customer model. We decided to help it complete the transformation of the model by establishing a brand-new company. In this era of big data, online publicity has become an essential marketing tool for a company. We transform the form of advertising into social media. In this way, the most effective method can be used to expand the company’s reputation. Our target market is currently the users of the most popular short video client. For example, the user group of tik tok. Promote the company’s products by placing videos and live broadcasts to achieve direct marketing. At present, competitors in our industry are still in a business-to-business model, and our transformation is relatively advanced in the industry. We do not have much pressure in this regard. This is also our advantage, we can easily take the lead.