Poverty Alleviation Project Start Assignment

Students will research about Costa Rica. The end goal is to develop a proposal to present to the Finance Minister or Economic Development Minister of the selected country that outlines:What industry (or industries) to target with microfinance or any other governmental small business assistance programs.What training or skills citizens will need in order to start their own businesses in the target industry/industries.What organization, or organizations, will oversee the training and finance, and why are they the best organization(s) to carry out these aspects?What the government of the selected country can do to help further foster economic development.What barriers need to be overcome to spur entrepreneurship, economic activity, and the financial process.What will be the overall economic, social, and cultural impacts if the country accepts the proposal?The Poverty Alleviation Project is to be 5-7 pages in length, written in APA format, and must have at least 5 sources utilized.