ESSAY 2 REG 1320

1. (Essay Question on New Religious Movements) Based upon your encounter with the varied religious systems described in this unit, consider the following questions. You will respond in the form of a brief essay. Questions for Consideration:A. Both Mormonism and the Neo-Ebionite faith seek to reform or correct Christianity. What are the primary flaws these faiths see in terms of the dominant Christian tradition? How do each of these communities seek to redefine Christian belief and practice? How do we assess such reform movements?B. What are the core beliefs and ethical goals of Wicca? How do these compare with the tenets of another larger faith system with which you are familiar? To what extent is the emphasis upon witchcraft and magic in Wicca consistent with its designation as a religious system?C. Read J. Krishnamurti’s short speech entitled, “Truth is a Pathless Land” (a link to the speech is in the Required Readings tab above). How does he describe the nature of religion? To what extent is his definition of religion a fair assessment of the varied faith systems in the world? What fault, if any, would you find in it?ONLY ONE PAGE!!!!