discussion business and society

Week 1Discuss a prominent environmental or sustainability practice employed by a company that you believe has been forward thinking and successful in their efforts. How have their policies impacted the company, society, and the environment?Week 2Briefly define corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your own words.How is your selected company accountable to itself, its stakeholder and the public?Find a current event in the past 1–2 years in which your selected company (the one you choose in week 1/from the approved company list)  went above and beyond to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR), or, where they may have sorely failed to demonstrate CSR.In your post, provide the name of the company and the good or bad deed.Do your findings change the way you will support the company in the future?Week 3Part1Safe Assign is a program that measures how much of your writing is NOT your own words and sentences. Writing that is not your own words and sentences is referred to as “unoriginal content”. It is measured by Safe Assign as a percentage of the total words and sentences in your assignment. For instance, a Safe Assign score of 18% indicates that 18% of the submission was unoriginal content.Please take a moment to read the “Safe Assign and Resources and Tips for Success” in the Course Info tab under Additional Resources. Also, review the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) which can be found in the course menu. You will then respond with the following information:What is the maximum percentage score an assignment can earn from Safe Assign and still be acceptable for grading in this course?If a submission earns a Safe Assign score of 57%, will the submission be graded?Can a submission with a high Safe Assign be reported to Academic Integrity?If a submission has a Safe Assign score that is too high, what must the student do?If a submission is revised due to a high Safe Assign score, and the revision is still to high to receive grading, what are the two possible grades that student can earn?If a student wishes to see their Safe Assign report after the paper is submitted, what must they do to obtain the report?What impact do quotations have on the Safe Assign score?What is the best way to lower a Safe Assign score?Why might a submission be submitted to Academic Integrity?Part 2Have you witnessed unethical practices in the workplace? If so please share your experience with the class and explain how this impacted your perception of the business.If not, please find a current example of unethical business practices, share the source, and explain how you would have handledthis situation differently.