Discussions principles of finance

Week 4watchThe 2008 Financial Crisis, in Crash Course EconomicsDescribe how the credit crisis may have adversely affected many people beyond homeowners and mortgage companies. Do you believe the impact of the credit crisis is still being felt today? Why or why not? Are we headed in the direction of another credit crisis? What indicators hint at what could happen in the future?Week5Complete the following:WatchInside The Collapse (Part One).WatchInside The Collapse (Part Two).After watching the videos, discuss how this financial crash impacted you, your family, a career from which you may have been laid off, or someone you know who was affected.Week 6View the following videos:Money, Power and Wall Street: Part 1, in Frontline.Money, Power and Wall Street: Part 2, in Frontline.Then, answer the questions below in your discussion:What was the impact of the near failure of Bear Stearns and the failure of Lehman Brothers on money markets?What actions did the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department take? What were the impacts of the decisions, if any?