Prior to beginning work on this journal,Read or WatchExplorationStep 1 – Complete the Marketing Skills module (Links to an external site.).Step 2 – Visit two or three of the following professional marketing organizations and explore their websites.Identify benefits available to members of the organization through the following links:American Marketing Association (AMA) (Links to an external site.)Join SMA (Links to an external site.)eMarketing Association  (Links to an external site.)Social Media Examiner (Links to an external site.)Association for Business Communication (Links to an external site.)International Association of Business Communicators (Links to an external site.)Association for Women in Communications (Links to an external site.)Step 3 – Visit the University of Arizona Global Campus Career Center and explore the following resources available to you:Building and Optimizing a Modern Resume (Links to an external site.)Schedule a Phone Appointment (Links to an external site.)LinkedIn Overview and Best Practices (Links to an external site.)Self-Assessment (Links to an external site.)Skills Exploration JournalIn a journal, complete the following:Choose one skill you excel at and one skill you need to improve from each skills category in the module (broad, technical, and career).In three paragraphs for each skill category, reflect on why you excel in the skills you selected and how you plan to improve the skills that you identify as needing improvement.Be sure your explanation includes the professional marketing organizations you visited and the Career Services webpage you reviewed that help you improve your skills.Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.