Writing Essays

Write a short essay on each of the following learning objectives. Type your answers immediately after each question:1. How have social media sites such as Twitter changed communication?2. What is cloud computing, and how is it changing business?3.  List and concisely describe at least six electronic communication channels used most commonly by businesspeople today.4. List and briefly describe the four parts of typical e-mails.5. Suggest at least ten pointers that you could give to a first-time e-mail user6. How can you use instant messaging and texting safely on the job?7. Name at least five reasons some organizations forbid employees to use instant and text messaging.8. How can you show professionalism and respect for your receivers in writing business IM messages and texts?9. How do organizations use podcasts, and how are they accessed?10. What is a wiki, and what are its advantages to businesses?12. List the eight best practices for master bloggers.13. How do businesses try to tap the vast potential of social networking?.14. Name a few of the potential risks that social networking sites may pose to business.15. What is really simple syndication (RSS), and why is it helpful?