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Using a business model for the ideal job you plan to have one day, draft a short story describing the facts that behind a contract for services.The story should be very brief and the purpose of the contract must be related to a service.For example:I am the owner of a nightclub called: LizBar. I hire We R Always Wired, Inc. to do some electrical work on a new start-of-the-art light system because they claimed to have experience working on the lighting system that was purchased.The example provides the background information of my story, but does not include the terms of our contract, which is what your Post One must include.Briefly draft the terms of the contract between your business and the vendor. They key is to cover the essential elements of a valid contract.Conclude your story with a brief explanation describing the vendor’s acts/behavior that amounts to a breach of contract.In one sentence state exactly what you will be suing for and the remedy you are seeking.Support your legal theory for this law suit by referencing a case from your home state where the plaintiff won his/her lawsuit against the defendant for committing an identical (or very similar) breach. Summarize the facts from that case, the court’s ruling, and the reasoning behind its ruling.How are the facts from your story similar to the facts from the case you cited?Provide a properly formatted citation to your case.There is a-lot of material that must be discussed in this post, which would require at least 250 words, but cannot exceed 450 words).