THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE TODAY MAY 22ND BY 10PM EASTERN TIME!!!This is a research assignment. This assignment aims to help you learn more about regression and classificationBe concise; however, give enough detailsSubmit a Word file. (Font style: Times New Roman. Font size: 12 points. Space: double Space. I expect that this assignment will be 3  pages long).Do not copy and paste. Remember if you copy and paste from the internet or other sources, it is considered plagiarism. We use software programs to detect plagiarism. Make sure what you submit is your own work. If there is plagiarism, you will fail this assignment.QuestionsExplain clustering and provide several use cases of clustering in industry (e.g., how regression can be used) (25 points)Explain how clustering can be used for feature creation/extraction/processing in regression and classification algorithms (e.g., how classification can be used) (25 points)Explain the role of clustering in the area of text mining and analytics (25 points)Find a dataset that can be used for clustering. Explain the dataset (such as what the variables are, what is used for, etc.).FYI: USE SIMPLE SOURCES. NOTHING FANCY. THE SIMPLER THE BETTER.