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Pages: 3pgFormat: APAThis  assignment is identical to the memo project you wrote however  it has to  be in a DETAILED OUTLINE FORMAT with (INTRODUCTION, ETC) .  PICK A  POLICY that may be an issue at work or locally stays away from  picking a  national policy issue. Keep it simple, (i.e dress code at  work)nothing  broad It has to be different from the one you used for the  previous  project. The professor wants the work to reflect these pointsThe paper has to follow these guidelines exactly:1) DEFINE THE PROBLEM, finding information around the problem, RESEARCH, finding out info on the problem you want to solve.Then using the information you gathered, think about limitations regarding the issue at hand, Identifying stakeholders.2) CONSTRUCTING ALTERNATIVES:The  alternatives is the different options to solving the problem,  different  ways the problem can be solved or not solved. You should have  at least 3  alternatives (minimum)3) CHOOSING CRITERIA:Criteria  is the best solution to your problem. How Feasible is it?  Think about  the cost in solving the problem, (budget), How Efficient is  is and how  effective it will be in solving the problem. All of this  has to be  considered in factoring the criteria. Should be more than one  criteria.  With criteria, you have to say what could work and what  doesn’t work.  Your criteria will tell you the best alternatives to  chose. Your picking  the value. Giving those e; lemmas explaining why it  is important.4) ASSESSING ALTERNATIVES:Its  the compare/contrast section in which you will compare and contrast  the  Alternatives and the Criteria. Applying the different Criterias to  your  Alternatives. Looking at the results. HAS TO BE FACTS NOT YOUR  OPINION  (Decision making tree section) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART  OF THE  PAPER.5) DRAWING CONCLUSIONS:What your analysis tells you. My Analysis tells me is this6) RECOMMENDATIONS:Ideas  how you going to roll it out. The plan the way you are going to  sell  this is: XYZ . Ideas on how you will address the issue that you  found