Project- EXCEL-

company—WALMARTyou should use EDGAR and your company’s website (go to the website and scroll all the way to the bottom)For Walmart – and click on Our Company, Investors, Financial Information, Annual Reports and click on the most recent Annual ReportYou should open the company’s most recent Annual report, you will find the most recent 3 years of financial statements required for the project. You need to have 3 years for each Financial Statement.You need to follow the information carefully, each tab in the excel spreadsheet should be labeled as directed and contain the information required, that is what you will be graded on. There is an example in the instructions of how your work should look.DO NOT make this harder than it needs to be, for Excel Project I you are basically copying the company financial information for the 3 years and putting it into the Excel Spreadsheet (you have to type it in, use formulas for the totals as required, DO NOT paste a screenshot or picture of the financials into Excel).