threats of Information Technology

describe and explain the threats of Information Technology. What is Big Data? Also, how do companies connect supply chain risk strategy with supply chain strategy development? What is external intelligence and External Intelligence Quotient? Minimum 500 words.InstructionsFollow rubric guidelinesSpecialized Knowledge – Student provides a strong introduction to the paper that gives a background of the situation and includes a great thesis statement; provides a strong conclusion.Broad Integrative Knowledge  – Pulled research from 5 or more sources and at least 3 are from peer-reviewed sources.Program Objective – Identified and discussed 3 important points required by the assignment description.Course Objective  – provides 3+ examples of the points discussed in the paper and cites sources to support his/her findings.Organization – Student organizes paper with APA style headings.Grammar – Paper contains no errors.APA – Paper contains 0-1 APA errors.Paper length – Paper exceeds the length requirement and is 3 pages in length.APA formatting Microsoft Word 2007.mp4 – YouTubeSCMG604WK2