Activity -1

The purpose of the project is to give you an opportunity to apply what has been learned about Business and Society (through course lectures, readings, research, and discussions) and expand research skills to analyze problems of an organization. Since professional acumen involves presenting to others, you are asked to participate in an individual presentation.The aim of the project is two-fold: 1) the project allows you to research and explore Business and Society concepts in-depth and 2) the project allows you to evaluate current concepts within Business and Society within an organization. The target organization isJiffy Lube. Utilizing Business and Society concepts and the analytical skills you have developed in your career, you will present a Business and Society analysis based on research from an assigned chapter and the targeted company.Part 1: Research the company’s background and concept assigned.Write a 2-3 page background report based on the readings and concepts in Business and Society. You will address the topics introduced in the chapter and deliberate on aspects related to the target company.Use APA style for the cover page, source citations in the text, and reference page. Include a cover/title page. Use a minimum of three (3) reference sources. Make sure to double-space and use 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Upload the submission, as a Word or Pdf document.