Learning Outcome PPT for the Course Assignment

Question:Help to create 4 pages (without Title, Agenda, Executive Summary and Reference page) learning outcome PPT for PA 1, PA 2, CLA 1, and CLA 2 Assignment.Requirement for PPT1. Need to include in-text citations and reference page.2. An agenda, executive summary, and reference slides should also be included.2. Include calculations, graphs, and tables with the explanation if necessary.3. Do not put too many words on the slides. The slides should look simple and clear with main points.4. Slides need to look fancy by using “Smart Art Design”5. I have included PA 1, CLA 1, PA 2, and CLA 2 assignments in the attachment for reference.6. Please help to add the slides to the attached “CLA 2 Presentation – BUS 606” PPT file directly