Discussion – 350 words

In order to complete this assignment, you need to first:read “Free Will Is Still Alive” by Carlo Filice (https://philosophynow.org/issues/124/Free_Will_Is_Still_Aliveread “Freedom and Determinism,” chapter 10 of Dew & Gouldread “Minds, Bodies, and Human Persons,” chapter 11 of Dew & GouldIf you have not done so, stop now to view and read that material.For your thread, compare the three items by addressing all of the following questions:Which single challenge to free will is strongest in your view? (Give your reasons.)Which single defense of free will is strongest in your view? (Give your reasons.)Is free will an essential attribute of human personhood? (Give your reasons.)Your thread should demonstrate that you have reviewed all three items, in a minimum of 350 words.For your reply to a classmate’s thread, choose one of the following: