Globalization Opinion Exploration

In your introduction assignment, you stated whether you felt that globalization was a positive or a negative movement. In a one- to two-page typed paper please research globalization and argue the opposite viewpoint. Your paper should adhere to the following guidelines:Use 11-point Times or Arial font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. Length does not include any header, cover page, or references list.Please use only authoritative sources (those written by individuals or groups that have qualifications or authority to be considered a credible source on the subject) or academic (i.e., peer-reviewed) sources. If you are not familiar with how to identify quality sources like this, please see the information in the optional Credo Information Literacy module under the Modules tabAll source material must be cited using APA-style citations. (This is the standard for the business discipline. If you are unfamiliar with how to cite using APA style, please see the information in the optional Academic Integrity module under the Modules tab.)