Consider the following scenario: As the PR intern at a large public relations agency, team members often ask for you to review client presentations as a fresh set of eyes. After reviewing a handful of presentations, you notice the same set of challenges from one presentation to another. To help your team, and the overall agency, you decide to create a Word document checklist of presentation dos and don’ts to be pinned up at everyone’s desk.Prompt: Create a one-page checklist that summarizes three dos and three don’ts from your research on best practices for creating and delivering presentations. Ensure that one of these points speaks to choosing presentation content for a target audience, one point encompasses research on ethics in presentations, and one point encompasses key Associated Press (AP) style learning from the Module Three readings. Use citations to indicate all sources of your research.Using the internet, search for actual presentations. Then, include two visuals from current, real-world presentation slide(s) (created in the past 12 months) that illustrate one of your dos and one of your don’ts for the reader. These two visuals should be included on the second page of your submission.