Please answer the following questions.

Company name: UPSPlease use the same numbers mentioned in the attached document wherever required for the new work.The purpose of the third part of the comprehensive project is to use resources available to obtain industry averages for commonly used ratios. Additionally, you will compare company ratio results to industry averages.Obtain the four-digit primary SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code and industry title for your company. Record the primary SIC code and industry title at the top of the Ratio Analysis Worksheet.Obtain industry averages for commonly used ratios in the current period. Industry average information is reported by industry title or SIC code.Look up the following industry-average ratios:Current ratioDebt ratioGross profit marginTimes interest earnedAccounts receivable turnoverInventory turnoverReturn on SalesAsset TurnoverReturn on AssetsFinancial LeverageReturn on EquityANSWER AND COVER ALL THE POINTS MENTIONED.Write a 4 page report comparing the above ratios to industry averages. Discuss whether your company’s profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and solvency are better than, or worse than, its peers. The report should be well written with a cover page, introduction, the body of the paper (with appropriate subheadings), conclusion, and reference page. References must be appropriately cited. Format: Double-spaced, one-inch margins, using a 12-point Times New Roman font.