Housing Projects/Section VIII Housing Voucher Program

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The purpose of the policy analysis project is to provide
you with the opportunity to learn more about the legislative process.

Housing Projects/Section VIII Housing Voucher Program; or McKinney-Vento Housing Act (Homelessness).

This project is designed to develop your skills in policy analysis, writing, application and critical thinking skills

that are essential to the profession of social work.

Select a social welfare policy bill on any topic that has been introduced in the Texas legislature, the U.S. Congress or in a parliament of a particular country. Students should identify legislators, organizations, groups, and committees that have worked on or are currently working on the policy issue of interest.

Students should investigate the legislative history of the issue, become familiar with the bill and related proposals to introduce new legislation or modify existing legislation, seek the opinions of those with various views on the issue, and determine which groups and individuals (such as legislators, professional groups, citizen advocacy groups) are supportive of, opposed to, or neutral on the issue and why.

Your references should include federal or state laws and budgets; congressional record; federal or state
statistics; government white papers; government pamphlets; academic journal articles; books; newspaper
articles; web site references. The paper should be 12-15 pages in length and include a minimum of 10 peer
reviewed references.

Select a model of Social Policy analysis. Apply the model to a Social Policy in your area of interest, experience or expertise, or to an area in which you want to gain more knowledge. Evaluate the policy according to the guidelines in the model selected.
Library research is essential for this assignment, and you should start this assignment early in the semester.

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