“How do interventions presented in the school setting impact students who have experienced domestic violence”

 The paper should be double-spaced, pages numbered, and APA formatted. · This paper should be an integrative assessment of about 10–15 journal articles or a minimum of 3 articles per group member that are empirically based. The paper should provide a synthesis of the research findings about your topic. The goal of this paper is to have students demonstrate the ability to research, critique and present findings related to prevention and intervention research as it pertains to social work practice. The outcome will be an assessment of the state of the empirical evidence on a particular practice issue. Each person in your group is responsible for finding and assessing his/her articles and contributing to all parts of the Group Paper. These articles must be full text, peer-reviewed journal articles that are related to your focus, have summary sections for background, methods, results and discussion, and they must include the collection and analysis of data. Literature reviews or conceptual pieces can be added for the purposes of enrichingyour background sectionor in helping interpret data, but cannot count as one of the 10 articles to be assessed for this paper. You may use additional articles for support. No articles downloaded from a website will be accepted unless it is a full-text article that is printed from the library’s electronic data base. Epidemiological data may be acceptable if downloaded from a nationally known web site such as NIH funded studies. Unacceptable items are articles from the newspaper, summaries of research, stand-alone abstracts, opinion pieces, conceptual articles, or websites unless they meet the criteria mentioned above. The aim of this assignment is for you to examine the research and identify the state of the empirical evidence regarding a practice problem. These articles should be research based reporting on an intervention for a particular social problem you have selected. The articles should examine a common research theme. You will be asked to develop a brief concept paper outlining this theme. One approach is to examine the same problem in the same population (e.g. All articles are focused on the mental health status of foster children, and how this problem is treated. The other approach is that the articles can examine the same treatment of a problem, but in differing populations (e.g. Cognitive Based Treatment of depression among the elderly and adolescents). Using a set of articles that do not tie together in one of the two ways discussed will not allow for a true evaluation of evidence based practice in a particular area. Ultimately the paper should summarize what is known about the problem, and your evidence based recommendations of the most effective treatment for a particular problem.