How do you personally define an inclusive environment? What do you believe contributes to a diverse and accepting community?

 During summer I went to study in Malibu to learn English. In my class were people from all the walks of life. People from the four continents, different religions, languages. People who mastered very well English, others who didn’t. Different accents. Differnt ages. Different ideas from people with different background that enriched the class. A different opinion, made us question our belifs, see things in a different perspective without being agressive because someone dosen’t agree with you. One day, one of my classmates died and she received a phonecall. Nobody think twice or hesitate, everybody decided to go with her to her church although we didn’t have the same religion. This is the art of coexistence in a inclusive environnement in its purest and refined form. During the time we studied together, we found ways to communicate that they were not too dependent only on speech. We discovered a language born of a relationship free from any kind of segregation and labels. True inclusion occurs not only when learn to accept and respect the limitations of others, but when we fail to see the differences defining them; and when we see the characteristics that differentiate us, we see as a part of the immense and rich variety of ways in which human beings can interact with the world. In a inclusive environnement diversity is not only respected – it is valued and the exercise of tolerance to any behavior, opinion or choice that escapes the pattern is practised. Cultural differences as manifestations of the enhanced complexity of ways human beings communicate their experiences is appreciated. A truly accepting environnement involves individuals that believes in the potential of each and embraces diversity. People are very open and accepting of all walks of life; almost to the point that you are living in a bubble, compared to the real world. And, we can all contribute to an accepting community by accepting that other people can think, act and live in different ways. Tolerance brings with it benevolence, which expresses a positive and beneficial way of seeing things and people. It is sharing in every way, in every segment of our lives. It to expose, taking care not to impose our ideas having a guiding factor of the conduct and dialogue. Its to receive different ideas and enriche our world and way of living.