Human Resource Metrics and Statistical Research

Select any Human Resource function or program(s) and write a proposal using the LAMP framework

to establish the link between business objectives and program outcomes while showing the Return on

Investment (ROI), which will be approved by your senior management team, the implementation or

enhancement to an HR program.


Use the rough draft created for the Week 4 assignment as the groundwork for your final paper

Your paper should include:

Executive overview – this should be a one page document that briefly shows your audience the

bulleted highlights of the sections of your proposal. Click here for an example of an executive


Program case – define the logic on your program’s goals and develop the business case using best

practices and research (you should include an introduction and background on your organization and

establish the LAMP framework)

Measure and analysis – Here you will detail the statistical analysis and cost impact underlining your

program (show measurement system used and the economic value to your organization – use graphs,

charts or models to demonstrate your analysis)

Closing – make the case to senior management on why your program should be giving the green

light (show the ROI of your program, any budget consideration and make the sale)

References – at least 15 sources should be used throughout your proposal, primarily in the program

case section

No more than 25 pages written in APA format

Detail the need project/program, best practices, analysis and discussion/next steps

References should be from peer­reviewed HRM journals

All references should be in APA format and your reference list at the end should reflect APA 6th

Edition formatting

Final paper will be graded on

Ability to form a strong, coherent, and convincing argument

Accurate use of current HR information to support your argument

Consistent use of good grammar, spelling and punctuation

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