Human Resource

Practice based task: You will propose a specific HR intervention to address a particular issue in your own organisation/an organisation known to you. (Professional Sports Team)
This task should be presented in the form of a report outlining your proposal to your management team. It should demonstrate both the need for the intervention as well as the anticipated costs and benefits, and demonstrate how the intervention would support ethical and diversity/equality issues in your workplace. You should support this with an implementation plan which includes advantages and disadvantages of the proposal, estimated costs and timeline for implementation. You should support this recommendation by making reference to evidence of best practice from other organisations, employers bodies or similar.
Academic based task: to provide a written report to justify and provide rationale for the intervention, linking theory and good practice.
This task provides the opportunity to discuss the academic theory around your HR intervention, demonstrating how this would resolve issues in your workplace at an organisation, team and/or individual level, how it supports ethical and diversity/equality issues. You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of current academic literature to help make this argument in addition to the practitioner evidence used in your practice task. You should cross-reference this discussion to your practice based task.
Please present both parts as a single document.