: Human Services Briefing Pape

Length: 1,000 words maximum (Not including appendices, figures, tables or bibliography)

Prepare a short briefing paper on the services (or programs), facilities, budget and numbers of clients

in one human service sector in Australia. Focus on one of the following areas of service provision:

aged care; disability support services; child care; child protection services; mental health care; or

supported accommodation services.

In your briefing paper, provide a critical overview of services across Australia and include as far as

possible, a comparison of interstate variations. Use tables to present comparative data where



This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

A critical understanding of the different meanings attached to the concept of care and of changing

patterns in the need for care across the life course;

Recognition of the contribution of a range of sociological, economic and demographic and other

perspectives to developments in care and human services;

An ability to work with a range of policy documents concerned with the planning, provision,

regulation, and funding of human services;

Experience in considering the application a number of research perspectives to the study of human


Capability of working as part of a social research or policy development team in the field; and

A demonstrated understanding of the key issues involved in undertaking social analyses of policies

and programs for the development of human services.


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