Your paper this week consists of several steps: APA 6 pages with 4 references no older than 5 years.

1. Complete your case studies for HTN and high cholesterol.

2. Develop your paper using your case studies: provide a brief overview of your patients and address

the areas listed in the case study. As you identify answers to the case study questions, remember to

develop support and rationale for each area, that is, go beyond simply providing a short answer.

3. In the title of your post, please include the number for your cases and label each section of your


4. Search scholarly resources and find a current article (it does not have to be a research study) that

discusses recommendations or debate about for treatment of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Include the most salient points from the article in your study.

Case Study #1 Hypertension

Please review and refer to the Hypertension Guideline Management Algorithm

Your patient is a 69­year­old African­American female who presents for follow­up for her blood

pressure. You evaluated her one month ago and at that time her blood pressure had increased

(146/90 mmHg) from the previous office visit (138/88 mmHg). In the office today the patient’s

blood pressure is 148/92 mmHg. The patient has a history of type II diabetes mellitus, for which she

takes metformin BID. Her most recent creatinine was 1.4. She admits that she has not been watching

her diet as much as she should have. You decide that she needs medication to help control her high

blood pressure.

As you progress through these questions, please provide rationale for your answer.

1. According to the hypertension guideline management algorithm, what class or classes of

medication is indicated for your patient?

2. Based upon your answer for question one, which medication would you choose, and how would

you prescribe it (dosing and timing)?

3. What considerations or contraindications should be taken into account when using the medication

you have chosen?

4. What non­pharmacologic blood pressure control measures would you counsel your patient on?

Eating right avoiding high sodium foods, weight loss, food diary, shopping tips like how to read

labels (you can add more)

5. Assume that you start your patient on your chosen medication and that she is being compliant,

but her blood pressure is still not well controlled. Using the algorithm as your guide, discuss two (2)

further pharmacologic steps that you might take to help your patient achieve better control of her



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