Ideal Construction Contract in Dubai

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 Your task is to produce a literature review report of 4,000 words. The review should include, but should not necessarily be limited to the following: • A concise statement of the focus of the review (i.e. what you are trying to achieve in the review). Im trying to achieve the ideal contract that maintain projects continuity in crisis or booming times and provide the best pricing and satisfaction for both sides. My project has to focus in Dubai, UAE. In the literature review there has to be a topic (Ideal Construction Contract in Dubai) and the scope overview and intention of the report and what’s your objective 300 words with no references which will be the first paragraph of the literature review. After that will be introduction, and then background of the project and the definitions. After that will be the body and cases and articles provided. Finally will be the summery and conclusion. • A critical evaluation of the published knowledge base relating to the focus of your research. This must engage with a substantial body of peer‐reviewed literature, with a minimum of 15 articles included, and may also include other literature which is relevant to the field. Typically, the review would be expected to identify and explore theoretical approaches, empirical research studies, practice‐based studies, policy/guidance, and any other material relevant to your proposed research area.