Illness/Infection Prevention | Nursing School Essays

Illness/Infection Prevention
PowerPoint to design and share your presentation on Illness/Infection Prevention. Your presentation will discuss Illness/Infection Prevention presenting at least five teaching points to children in a developmentally appropriate, creative, and engaging way. The teaching points you share could be facts from the textbook, ideas, strategies, or information relating to Illness/Infection Prevention that is important to understand. For example, if you choose the theme of illness/infection prevention you may wish to include a page on how to wash hands as this is a teaching point related to the prevention of illness/infection that you want them to understand. This may include the recommended steps to proper hand washing, and may also include pictures, sounds, or audio to help engage children. Be as creative as you’d like, but be sure to include at least five teaching points related to your theme.
The PowerPoint should be 10 to 15 pages/slides in length (not including the title and reference pages/slides). You will include two to three scholarly sources to support your theme. Be sure to cite these in APA format on the reference page.