Individual Essay

You must choose an industry other than the one used in the simulation for assignment 2 and evaluate the change of the value curve caused by the recent innovation in the industry. In order to do so, you would need to investigate the following theoretical themes to the industry of your choice:

firstly, new value innovation and its impact on the existing industry / ies,

secondly, the influence of innovation and entrepreneurial intensity of firms introducing new innovative products or services on the shape of the industry value curve using strategic canvas framework,

and thirdly, the identification of new groups of customers, that enable the new value innovation.  


You must use new products / services examples to support these theoretical concepts. You should base this essay on one product. The forecasts of the new trends expected in the industry under investigation are encouraged and potential changes to the curve in light of your forecast need to be discussed and evaluated.


Please note that the essay is based on THEORY and supported by EXAMPLE, and not the other way round.


Within the assignment you are expected to use appendices in a creative way.



Assessment guidelines



Word count is 2000 words

Essay should be in Arial 12 point font, double spaced.

Referencing in Harvard Format

Essay should contain a reference list and sources should be referenced appropriately within the essay text

Title page must contain name and student number

Penalties will be imposed for

              Over word count – 5%

              Lack of referencing in text of essay – 5%


              Poor presentation, lack of accurate reference list – 5%

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