Individual System Report

Helpline for Individual System Report Question and Method You are required to:

(1) choose and research a company Y that is based in UAE (Has a physical location in the UAE)â it can be any company fromany industry eg. Schools, Online Customer­Customer website companies, Furniture stores, Hospitals etc â that has an active website for the companyâ™s main business.

(2) analyze the company Y using the Work System Framework by Steven Alter.

(3) describe the relative importance of business strategy, market environment, IT infrastructure, company participants, customers, processes and information to create value, include a Porter’s Model evaluation (Five Forces, Generic Model and Value Chain).

(4) produce and submit a typed, written hard copy report that addresses points 1­3.


Choose one working system and it’s not the organization in general. the organization should have a physical location in Dubai or a branch and it should have a website, âœbad websiteâ so itâ™s easily to improve later. This document gives you a word­limit GUIDELINE for the individual report due this week ⢠Please remember â it is ONLY a guideline ⢠Total word limit â 1000 words (+­10%)

Introduction- 250 words

Introduce the subject â what is Business Oriented Information Systems, why is it important? How do you analyse business strategies â introduce the models and frameworks (do not explain them here), then say this report will analyse (name of your business â and its work system).

Business Overview- 100 words

Business Strategy- 100 words

Here you make table for Porter’s Five forces ⢠Include the diagram for Generic model and insert in the diagram where you place the company ⢠Create the value chain ⢠Then in 100 words give a brief overview of the business strategy based on the application of the models System Analysis â 450 words ⢠Give the triangle and then apply each to the company ⢠End with the snapshot Conclusion â intro to the website â 100 words ⢠Give a small conclusion to the report and say how their website does/does not reflect business strategy and system you have analysed â give screen shots of the webpages. 

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