Infant Reflexes

paper will be broken down into 4 sections. section 1 – 3 are the summarized sources as told in the description. and section 4 is the conclusion. I will upload an EXAMPLE template. Directions: 1. your name on the paper of course 2. date of submission, title 3. Each article should be listed in APA format please, and under each article reference, include the following: 4. purpose of the study – rationale for the study 5. briefly explain what type of study – qualitative or quantitative, longitudinal, cross-sectional, or combination/mixed methods 6. describe the main points of the study: participants, setting, what was measured/what was the question they were attempting to address, the research methods used, instruments used, location, time frame, etc… 7. summarize the results/findings – a couple of sentences 8. repeat two more times, for a total of three related articles 9. conclusion – implications for further research in that area The attached document is an example shell/template for the submission.