Informal Fallacies

In this assignment, you will compose three original examples of informal fallacy arguments. This

assignment allows you to examine common fallacies in everyday reasoning.

Start by reading the article “Fallacies of Logic: Argumentation Cons” found in the Argosy University

Online Library.

Shapiro, I. D. (2007). Fallacies of logic: Argumentation cons. et Cetera, 64(1), 75–86. Retrieved



Using the types of arguments listed in this article or in the module readings, respond to the


Draft two original fallacies. Do not identify the fallacies, allow your peers to determine what fallacy

your example represents.

Next, using the Internet, respond to the following:

Research a third informal fallacy not already covered in the readings.

Identify and define the fallacy. For example, appeal to tradition, false dichotomy, etc.

Explain why this type of fallacy is a bad way of reasoning.

Construct an original fallacy argument of that type.

Provide a citation for your source. Ensure that you apply APA standards to the citation of sources.

Support your statements with examples and scholarly references.


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