Inhumanity or Good Vs Evil

 Student will develop a claim about inhumanity through the lens of one teacher selected and to students selected text sources text samples can include C passages nonfiction pieces or multi-paragraph written response in which they show evidence of integrating,evaluating and Synthesizing textual evidence as they compose an argument and develop a claim about the nature of good and evil. Students are to use language that creates cohesion and clarity’s the relationships between claim(s) and reason,between reasons and evidence and between claim(s)and counterclaims specific textual evidence from at least three resources will be used for support. Please separate these things for the other question.Answer the following•Restate the question •Author,Title and genre• background information• put one or two quotes that you choose.Thesis statement: formulate your thesis statement ,remember to include your topic,position and areas of support •topic= •position= •evidence to support your position: 1. 2. 3. Write your thesis statement here 1 to 2 concise sentences