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In general, I think I did a good job developing this paper. In my opinion, the paper is an indication of good preparation. Overall, I think the paper has a good structure, and it answers the prompt sufficiently. Additionally, in terms of content, the paper carries useful information that is in line with the topic of discussion. Despite this, there is no doubt that it could use a bit of polishing. For instance, I did not use the correct font to indicate my surname and page number on the first page. Next time I will be more keen when formatting my paper to ensure such details do not get past my eyes. Also, the spacing used to indicate the class details on the left side of the first page is incorrect. I realize that I should have counter-checked to ensure its double spacing. Additionally, the spacing after the title, just before the first paragraph, is incorrect. There should not be any space before the start of a paragraph. Next time, I will be more cautious as I format my paper.

Another issue that has arisen from the instructor’s comment is about the intended audience for the article. In paragraph two, I mentioned that the author did not have a specific audience when writing this paper. However, the instructor pointed out that the article targeted NPR listeners. I now realize that I should have taken my time to research the target audience rather than assume the article targeted all members of the public. Additionally, I should have been more specific as regards my thesis statement. Instead of saying that the evidence presented in the article is based on a linguistic theory, I should have been more specific and mentioned the theory. Noteworthy, there spacing between paragraph one and paragraph two is inappropriate. Spacing should be uniform throughout the paper. In the future, I will be keen and use double spacing in the papers I write. To resolve the problem of inconsistent spacing in my next paper, I will be starting by formatting the blank Word document before I start writing. This way, I will not easily forget to format my paper after finishing writing it.

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