Internal Building Security

Internal Building Security

Security protects any individual from threats of loss and criminal activity. Security should be given more and more importance in residential places and office areas. Safety, reliability and continuity are three important concepts associated with the concept of security. In corporate world IT security, physical security and fraud prevention are given due importance.

Some of the threats and risks a building is prone to are trespassing, insider threats, explosive threats and information security threats. Optimal design of a structure can be obtained by co ordination of the protective designer and the structural engineer. To protect the residents of the building from intruder’s, video or CCTV surveillance, alarms and detection services should be installed at proper places. Personal identification systems like access control, finger prints, ID cards, primary and secondary credential systems should be implemented for the internal security of the building. One of the serious threats may be posed from the people who have gained access into the building. In order to mitigate this kind of internal threat personnel reliability programs, internal verification checks should be done regularly. Due care should be taken for integrating security and sustainability and the designing for the fire protection systems within the building. Development and training on occupant emergency plans is an important step towards providing security in buildings. The emergency plan should contain clear guidelines of the individual responsibilities and the modes of communications. In case of housing securities, successful and balanced designs should be done by the co-ordination of the project or design workers. Secure fire safe designs should be used on every floors of the multi-storied buildings. CCTV, fire and burglar alarm system should also be present. Seismic and blast resistant designs are crucially important as it takes care of the functionality, occupancy and the designs of the buildings. Protection of information and data are extremely crucial in case of office properties and they are done by acoustic shielding, computer screen shields and also securing access to equipments, networks and also satellites and different information systems.

Nowadays finger scanning technology is used to identify people within the office premises. These types of finger scanners are usually implemented near the reception in order to limit access to unidentified visitors. More recently finger scanning technology is installed in computers so that any body can not use the private data loaded onto computers.

Biometrics security system have gained popularity at an alarming rate in offices as it can indentify its user by their finger prints, tone of voice, retina of the eye and other biological characteristic features. The appropriate biometric security systems should be chosen carefully and based on its application also. Signature biometric checks the signature of the user and also it measures the speed and pressure used by the person. Voice based biometric system notes the voice of the user and it is stored for further references. The finger prints of every user are loaded into the system and the person can gain access only after his fingerprints have been matched by the machine. Digital cameras are sometimes used to develop the images of the individuals and iris based technology usually identifies its user on the presence of color based tissue surrounding the pupil.

Access control is the modern security system used in offices by which authorized people can use their installations. Mixed systems are more preferred in which machines can quickly check the identity of the person but a human is also present in case of machine failures or emergencies.

Identification, authentication and auditing are the three major steps used in access control security system. The entire processes deal with the recognition of the original user and processing the information stored in computers to check for the mistakes. Finger key is the most commonly used biometric control system and it is used in case of high or very low flow of traffic. Due to the rapid advancement of technology id scanners are now used in office premises. With the help of these scanners the security personnel can quickly identify a fake id from an original one. The id scanners can easily determine if the bar codes, hidden holograms, series of letters or numbers that are present in those cards are wrong or tampered. It quickly sends out alerts to the security personnel thus providing security to the office.

Video surveillance system is the most appropriate device to prevent crime. This security system easily records the criminal activities or any thefts taking place in banks or business houses. The valuable components of video surveillance system are video cameras, internet monitoring device and monitors. Office personnel can easily view the recording and the timings to monitor the activities taking place in the offices and thus it provides an important identification method. But due respect should be maintained about the employees privacy while using the video recordings system. Night vision security systems are used sometimes to prevent any wrong doing or criminal activities during the night.

In times of technological progress, door alarm systems should be used at entry points in home and offices to prevent trespassing of intruders. It has a magnetic field and it emits a loud sound when any one crosses that point. Metal detectors are the most effective device to spy upon concealed metal objects in the premises. They quickly detect any metals that may pose a threat. The other kinds of detectors that are also used are glass break detector, counterfeit money detectors, and phone bug detectors. Access security systems include electromagnetic lock, door access control system and multiple door access controllers. Multi-doors controller has usually 9999 cards with a mere 5000 capacity of storing records whereas in case of multiple door access control reader it has many alarm controlling features like expiry dates for clubs, automatic activation, interlock between zones and activity reports. It is also helpful to generate activity reports when the controllers are transferred to the computers. Each controller of the machine has its own individual databases systems and they work without each other interference. Single door access control systems are easy to use in homes or offices and can are ready to open the door without password. Fire alarm systems include wireless fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, wireless smoke detector and manual call points. It easily detects any fire in the atmosphere. They are used for indoor or outdoor purposes. Building automation system comprises of wire and wireless alarm panel, monitoring camera unit, hand held metal detector, and door frame type. Smoke detectors can easily detect any fire hazards and they are easy to install. Manual call points become activated when the keys are pressed or the handle is pulled down. Hooters are present in a multiple of dimensions and their pitch can also be adjusted according to the needs. Conventional control panel consist of fire alarm systems and they are placed in loops inside the office or building premises.

Businesses depend on valuable storage on data so it is more vulnerable to information and cyber security threats. Qualified security and blast professional should be appointed in buildings or offices. Plans for suicide bombers should be made.

However private sector organizations and government agencies have developed security design criteria to be followed by big stories buildings and housing properties. The Interagency Security Committee (ISC) provides guidelines for a risk based approach and it consists of multiple documents. Based on different factors like the facilities and the occupancies, the Facility Security Level (FSL) consists of the procedures for attaining that security level. The physical security criteria level contains the entire description of the threat and the risk assessment level. The committee is mainly responsible for addressing the issues related to facility related security issues and the different methods in order to combat them successfully. Physical security explores different issues like prevention of collapse, rescue and recovery systems. The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for minimizing terrorists attacks. The American Society of Civil Engineers has taken up the task of setting up minimum planning, construction of the buildings, imposing threat parameters and different test procedures. It also includes introduction of threat parameters, loadings and test methods in order to protect the buildings from the explosions or any other natural calamities. It is usually recommended that in spite of the correct design plan, appropriate countermeasures should be implemented in order to delay, detect and deny the different attacks that it is exposed to. “Onion Philosophy” is the concept on which the countermeasure policies are based on. It states that the level of security should be increased from the outer areas towards the inner site.

In conclusion, security related problems should be given importance in buildings and offices and proper measures should be implemented in order to fight against the threats beforehand rather than facing it.

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