International Business

A diagram has been made. word file will be attached. Please have simple language. Please use British English spelling A. The rationale of the United States in history, economy and geographic Approximately 400 words (Please refer B. A detailed cultural analysis of the USA. Showcase and explain some unique cultural components of the USA. cultural practice that is related to people, such as Japanese wear kimono Have three cultural practice and elaborate, approximately 400 words. C. Highlight the business culture of the USA. How it differs from Taiwan, have three comparison. approximately 400 words D. Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, explain what foreign companies need to consider in order to operate effectively in the USA. (Please keep the diagram in the paper) Approximately 700 words. Elaborate power distance , individualism , masculinity , uncertainty avoidance and long term orientation ( ignore indulgence ). please refer and read “ how about Taiwan” and “ how about the USA”,the-usa/ E. Conclusions. What to take note when people want to do business in the US. Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)