International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration (ICA): To what extent do ICA tribunals adopt consistent approaches regarding party autonomy issues in franchising and distribution agreement disputes? 

1. Create a plan (maximum 500 words) which will consider area of International Trade which will also include and consider dispute resolution. You can consider any issue of international trade this means that you can examine either public international law or private international law.

2. Your plan must include a working title, an overall research objective, research aims, a chapter list and also a synopsis explaining what you will be focusing upon in the essay.

3. The assessment must cover two of the following things (1) international trade and (2) international dispute resolution.

The order of structure are as the following: 
1. Title 
2. The objective 
3. The aims 
4. Chapters list
5. Synopsis 
6. Resources list 

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